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  1. 1."Helanius' Transition 01.3"   ... is just that, dramatic. Just like Helanius.  (from Edgeworks' "Cold Case", 2006)

2. "Dance Scene 1 01.1"   is an Ebo tribeswoman expressing her pride.  (from Blessings Heaven's "It Is An Evil Day My Son", 2005  * Lyrics by Blessings)

3. "B.I.O. .6"   (Behavior, Identity, Orientation) is a groove, while the dancers are asking: We can change our behavior and identity, but not our orientation. True?  (from Edgeworks' "The Determining Factor", 2008)

4. "03 Urban Percussion"   is one of my first productions. It has lots of improv, thus please note it's experimental nature.  (from Dimensions Dance Company's "Midrash: Filling The Empty Space", 1998)

5. "Freakshow 09.5"   The setting: sensual, open, striptease....  (from Edgeworks' "The Determining Factor", 2008)

6. "Black = Danger clean 06.4"   uses explicit lyrics and is a disturbing, jarring, darkly set crime scene with police caution tape and sirens, lights, using bold, extreme graphics. (from Edgeworks' "Cold Case", 2006)

7. "4-Richmond Gavotte 03.7"   is a semi-period solo piano piece, attempting to revisit the vibe in Richmond, one of the Boroughs of New York, in 1959.  (from Edgeworks' "Gotham Suite: 2nd Installment of The Negro Dance Theatre", 2008)

8. "Opening 8min 04.1"   is an enticing and groovy eight minute megamix to get the audience to come a little closer... don’t miss the grand finale at the last quarter of the song! (from Edgeworks' "The Determining Factor", 2008  *  Lyrics by Monstah Black)

9. "01 Interlude"   is a transition-style section.  (from Edgeworks' "Melting The Edges", 2005)

10. "02 Fifth Section"   is in a reflective mood.  (from Edgeworks' "Melting The Edges", 2005)

11. "Keith Boykin Quote 01.1"   is an experimental presentation of narrative.  (from Edgeworks' "The Determining Factor", 2008  * Lyrics by Helanius Wilkins)

12. "04 Third Section"   Imagine an Inka clan on their journey across the mountains.  (from Edgeworks' "Melting The Edges", 2005)

13. "Bruised But Not Broken 15.7"   The name says it all, we are still standing!  (from Edgeworks' "The Determining Factor", 2008)

14. "07 Club Out.6"   ...and while we're standing, why not dance?  (from Edgeworks' "Melting The Edges", 2005)

15. "Manhattan Menuet 04"   is a calm solo piano piece, that was generally inspired by Chopin's Noctournes.  (from Edgeworks' "Gotham Suite: 2nd Installment of The Negro Dance Theatre", 2008)


  All Songs Written and Produced by Sven Abow (c), except *


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